As part of a thorough yearly check-up and assessment of your pet’s health needs the team at Animal Health Centre recommends regular vaccination.

Vaccination is essential to protect your pet from unnecessary suffering due to potentially fatal diseases. Furthermore, reputable boarding establishments insist on up-to-date vaccinations.

Puppies and kittens are particularly vulnerable to infectious disease but, with a good vaccination protocol, the risk of disease can be greatly reduced.

Vaccination programs typically require two or more injections to ensure your pet has lasting protection. This protection will decrease over time unless vaccination boosters are given. A booster is especially important 1 year after your puppy or kitten has completed their infant vaccination course. Afterwards regular boosters are essential to maintain protection throughout the rest of your pets life. 

Our vets will advise the best vaccination to include in your pets program depending on your pets age, vaccination history and likely risk profile. For example, dogs traveling out of Wellington may need protection against Leptospirosis in addition to their base program.

More information on vaccinations can be found in our "Information" section. 



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