At Animal Health Centre we can offer a full range of surgical options from 'routine' surgeries like de-sexing to more complicated operations including orthopedic (bone) surgery, tumor removal and abdominal surgery. 

Our veterinary surgeons are highly trained. Each has the benefit of years of experience plus they often work as a team consulting and assisting each other with complicated cases. 

The surgical suite at Animal Health centre is equipped with full instrumentation needed to deal with the range of operations we can perform. 

We use modern anaesthetic machines and the safest and most modern anaesthetics.

Our operating theatre equipment is very similar to an operating theatre in a human hospital, even down to special warmed surgical beds for the comfort and wellness of our patients

Patients can be monitored using a pulse oximeter to monitor your pet’s oxygen level, an ECG to watch your pet’s heart rate and cardiac rhythm, a blood pressure monitor and a respiratory monitor. In addition to this advanced anaesthetic monitoring, we have trained nurses who are watching your pet closely and constantly checking their respiration, heart rate and blood pressure.

All surgical patients receive analgesia (pain relief) before and during the operation. After surgery they are given additional pain relief injections and are sent home with sufficient analgesia to cover them until post surgical review and afterwards.

Patients visiting us for surgery will have a nurse assigned to take care of them before and after the operation so that any signs of problems can be detected early and so that we ensure your pets stay with us is as comfortable and stress free as possible. 

After discharge from hospital, surgery patients will typically be given a post-op check in 1-3days and will return to have sutures removed in 7-10days if applicable. We don't charge for the surgeons time if additional post op checks are wanted as we want to make it easy for our clients, and ourselves, to confirm recovery is going smoothly. 

If your pet will be undergoing surgery at Animal Health Centre please read our information on pre-anaesthetic blood testing and pre-operative instructions.



Personal service is really important to us and this is an area where we shine due to our relatively small size and our friendly team.


We run the practice as we have from the start, making our own decisions based on whats best for our patients and their family.


We are Vets. We enjoy being Vets and this is our focus. We’re not a petshop with a vet in it. We don’t upsell treats, beds or grooming when you visit.


Each of our vets has over 20 years of professional expertise. Our nursing staff all hold National Certificates and Diplomas.


Our Animal Hospital and Vet Clinic is fully equipped and staffed to provide a complete medical and surgical service.


We’re centrally located and easy to get to. We also have ample free parking to make your experience as easy as possible.