Emergency Care

emergency care

Animal Health Centre offers a 24 hour Emergency Service.

Critical cases are attended at our own facility on weekdays 8am to 5pm. Outside these times emergency care is provided by the team at the Wellington After Hours Veterinary Clinic, or by one of our sister clinics. 

In case of emergency please phone Animal Health Centre directly and we will advise you of the steps to take.

Phoning ahead gives us time to prepare for your arrival, and is essential outside of hours. If the condition is very urgent you can always come straight in and we will arrange a vet to see you.

For rapid emergency response we have our own laboratory analyzers, also X-ray, ECG and critical care monitors.

We always try to see sick or injured patients as soon as possible although we also have to triage by urgency and factor in other patients that need our attention. Be sure to tell the receptionist if you think it is urgent.





Personal service is really important to us and this is an area where we shine due to our relatively small size and our friendly team.


We run the practice as we have from the start, making our own decisions based on whats best for our patients and their family.


We are Vets. We enjoy being Vets and this is our focus. We’re not a petshop with a vet in it. We don’t upsell treats, beds or grooming when you visit.


Each of our vets has over 20 years of professional expertise. Our nursing staff all hold National Certificates and Diplomas.


Our Animal Hospital and Vet Clinic is fully equipped and staffed to provide a complete medical and surgical service.


We’re centrally located and easy to get to. We also have ample free parking to make your experience as easy as possible.