Vetinerarian's Hospital

Animal Hospital

Animal Health Centre has a fully-equipped Animal Hospital with advanced equipment and facilities to ensure fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment. There are various reasons why our patients are hospitalised, including treatment, recovery from illness, surgery, post-operative care, and more …Read more

vet clinic

Veterinary Clinic

Our Veterinary Clinic services include everything you would expect from a modern veterinary practice, including vaccinations, wellness health checks, microchipping and dental exams. Our highly qualified and experienced vets together with qualified and passionate vet nurses work hard to ensure the best possible care …Read more

Medicine and Diagnostics

Medicine and Diagnostics

We are equipped to work-up and treat every medical case from those little injuries and illnesses that life brings, through to more advanced and challenging cases. We also have the option of referring to a specialist if the case demands it …Read more




Our surgical suite is equipped with full instrumentation for a range of surgeries including routine de-sexing, soft tissue and orthopaedic. We use modern anaesthetic machines and the safest and most modern anaesthetics. Our operating theatre and equipment is very similar to an operating theatre in a human hospital …Read more



A preventable and common cause of pets not living their full life expectancy is dental disease. For this reason, Animal Health Centre maintains a strong focus on dental care. Good dental care is essential to extend your pets life span and assure good quality of life. Just like you, your pet would benefit from …Read more

Radiology Suite

X-ray and Ultrasound

Animal Health Centre makes full use of available technology for diagnosis, and this includes specialized equipment for obtaining clear images of your pets insides. We undertake X-Rays, in both plain and contrast formats, to visualize skeleton and soft tissue structures within the body. Ultrasound is available by referral …Read more

Veterinary Laboratory


Animal Health Centre offers comprehensive laboratory testing. A fast turnaround time is especially important for emergency care. Most routine blood tests can be carried out in-house and results can be available in as little as 15 minutes. Our laboratory is equipped with modern blood and biochemistry analysers …Read more



It is often necessary to medicate pets with drugs and specific medicines. Similar to human medications, some drugs have legal restrictions on their use and can only be dispensed under certain conditions. We keep our pharmacy fully stocked, not only for your convenience but also for emergencies where special …Read more



We offer an up to date facility and we make full use of all available technology for both diagnosis, and patient care. For rapid turnaround times we are have laboratory equipment, including blood analysers, and can do most of the routine tests in-house. Providing results within 1-2hours is great for …Read more



As part of a thorough yearly check-up and assessment of your pet’s health needs we recommend regular vaccination. Vaccination is essential to protect your pet from unnecessary suffering due to potentially fatal diseases.. Furthermore, reputable boarding establishments insist on up-to-date vaccinations …Read more



De-sexing is an operation performed by the veterinarian to remove your pet's reproductive organs. De-sexing prevents unwanted puppies and kittens. It can help calm your pet's behaviour, it reduces risk of some serious diseases, and may even contribute to a longer life for your pet …Read more

emergency care

Emergency Care

We offer a 24hour Emergency Service. Critical cases are attended at our own facility on weekdays 8am to 5pm. Outside these times emergency care is provided by the team at the Wellington After Hours Veterinary Clinic, or by one of our sister clinics.  …Read more

annual health checks

Annual Health Checks

Preventative medicine is our goal at Animal Health Centre. An annual physical exam is one of the most important services we can provide for your pet. As you know pets age 7 years to 1 of our years, so for them time really flies and things can change quickly! An annual physical exam allows us to pick up …Read more

cat in cage jpg

Pet Travel Certification

When traveling overseas with your pets you must ensure they have met legal requirements for travel.This involves a health check as well as various medical treatments including parasite control and, for some destinations, special vaccinations  …Read more


Is your pet Microchipped?

Microchip Identification

A microchip is a tiny transponder (about the size of a grain of rice) implanted under the skin that permanently identifies your pet. There are obvious benefits in having your pet permanently identified and traceable to you, and it is also compulsory to have this done for all dogs in New Zealand …Read more

Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

We are a Vet Clinic and Hospital and we leave routine cosmetic grooming to groomers and pet shops. Where we can help is when your pet has special needs.  Medical problems or behavioural issues can make grooming difficult, painful or stressful for pets. Our staff are trained in correct patient handling and grooming …Read more

fat cat

Nutrition Advice

Good nutrition is vital to your pet’s health. Animal Health Centre  staff are trained to give you the best advice about the diet most appropriate for your pet. A wide range of diets are offered to cater for dogs’ and cats’ different lifestyles, ages and sizes. This includes diets that can help clean the teeth …Read more

petcare advice

Pet Care Advice

Our nurses are trained animal health advisors. If you require pet care advice without wishing to see a Veterinarian, please feel free to ask one of our nurses …Read more 



vet shop

Vet Shop

We offer a range pet care products including premium foods, shampoos, parasite control products such as flea and worm prevention. Plus general pet shop merchandise including special behavioural toys, collars and more …Read more





Personal service is really important to us and this is an area where we shine due to our relatively small size and our friendly team.


We run the practice as we have from the start, making our own decisions based on whats best for our patients and their family.


We are Vets. We enjoy being Vets and this is our focus. We’re not a petshop with a vet in it. We don’t upsell treats, beds or grooming when you visit.


Each of our vets has over 20 years of professional expertise. Our nursing staff all hold National Certificates and Diplomas.


Our Animal Hospital and Vet Clinic is fully equipped and staffed to provide a complete medical and surgical service.


We’re centrally located and easy to get to. We also have ample free parking to make your experience as easy as possible.